Zmiany finansowe w programie TAIEX

Szanowni Państwo,

Poniżej znajdą Państwo wiadomość od pani Heike Gerstbrein, która kieruje w Komisji Europejskiej zespołem zajmującym się programami twinning i TAIEX. Od 8 marca 2017 r. KE wprowadza zmiany dotyczące, między innymi, płatności dla ekspertów i instytucji biorących udział w realizacji programu TAIEX. Szczegóły przedstawia poniższy email.


"Dear NCPs,


TAIEX has been a success story since its conception in 1996.


In order to continue to find the best Member States experts available and to optimise the output of TAIEX operations we have introduced a number of novelties, four of which concern the Member States directly.


Kindly be informed that


  • The Commission has decided to raise the flat daily allowance from € 250 to € 350.
  • For travelling days, € 350 will be paid if an expert is absent from the office the entire day and € 175 will be paid if the expert's flight leaves after 14:00. For flights leaving after 18:30, the arrangements will stay as they currently are. Similarly, for the return trip, € 175 will be paid in case a flight arrives before 12:00, and € 350 in case flights arrive later than that. No fees are due in case a flight arrives before 9:00.
  • Furthermore, the host fee for study visits will be brought up to € 350 per day as well.
  • In order to make sure that the output of an expert mission is improved and sustainable, reporting will become systematic. To facilitate this for the experts, we have developed a new template (attached) that guides the expert as to what is expected in his/her report. We have set a maximum ceiling of pages as to make sure that experts can swiftly fill in the template.


I hope these novelties will find a positive reception and would ask you to transmit them to your individual administrations.They will enter into force for all new TAIEX activities approved from 8 March.

Best regards

H. Gerstbrein"     

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